Old Car Detective writes

“tomato-powered” novel!

Big Tomato Order FormLeamington, Ontario, resident Bill Sherk has just published his latest book, THE BIG TOMATO, a fast-moving comedy farce set in Leamington in 1957 with car chases, drag races, hot dates at the local drive-in movie theatre, and two teenage boys who turn tomatoes into high-octane gasoline!

The blurb on the back cover sets up the action: “On a warm summer evening in 1957 two miles west of Leamington, teenage nerd Dean Armstrong rides his bicycle to THE BIG TOMATO Drive-in Restaurant to take some pictures for a photo contest. Arriving too fast, he slams into the back of a convertible, somersaults over the handlebars and lands in the driver’s seat right beside Bonnie Jo, a sexy blue eyed blonde who has the eye of every guy in town. The trouble that followed is still talked about today…”

In this book, THE BIG TOMATO Drive-in Restaurant serves SHERKY RED, the all-Canadian ketchup named in honour of the author’s father, Frank T. Sherk, first Canadian-born President of Heinz Canada.

Bill Sherk is currently writing the stage play version of THE BIG TOMATO for The Bank Theatre in Leamington and for a Broadway play: THE BIG APPLE MEETS THE BIG TOMATO.  Coming soon is the screenplay for THE BIG TOMATO filmed in Leamington!       

You can purchase THE BIG TOMATO book by mail order for $25.00 (tax and
postage included). To order copies, email billtsherk@sympatico.ca or go to or


(276 pages, 17 illustrations)